Friday, 6 October 2017

Too Many Projects

Focus has always been my problem. I can never focus on anything for too long. There is just something in me that cracks and I mentally end up wandering off from one project to another. Today I have worked on five different projects. Admittedly my main focus has been on Zomtober and The Walking Dead and the figures are coming along nicely and should be done for Sunday. 

Part of what I have been doing has been painting the sabot bases for the Viking Wargame. I now have more than enough to do a good sized game with plenty of extras. The ones that I have textured are now all painted and even the bits where the paint was a bit thin has been given a second coat. I even did a bit of highlighting on one of the dark age leaders I did a few weeks ago.

As a wider part of that project I have been planning to build some palisade walls. It's part of the Viking RPG game that I have in my head. This has been a bit of a focus today as it's going to be my FabLab project in the morning. This might end up on the bench for a bit but at least I will have all the parts I need.

When I poured out a bit too much white paint and there was a some drying time on the ink I had just put on, I looked around for something to do with. There are still some human players for the last Blood Bowl I painted left to do. As these are in black and white (Widnes RLFC colours) I thought what the hell. I gave the next four, all catchers, a first coat of what. They will still need another coat but I guess they are a step closer.

Finally, I got hold of a copy of Sunless Seas a few weeks ago. Despite showing no signs of being able to play the game well enough to avoid frustration, I wa quite enjoying it. It's a Steampunk sailing game I guess with a touch of horror thrown in.

So I have been working on a few ship designs thinking I could cut them out on the laser cutter. The idea started out with a starter ship for the players which quickly turned into two versions of the same ship, one of which was about fifty percent bigger than the other. Then both got an extra deck. Then I thought there should be some kind of navy cutter or corvette. Now I am working on a much bigger cargo ship. I need to stop this really as the latest ship is on three decks two of which are four feet long. I wasn't planning on putting too much into 3d for these but maybe give them a bit more than texture and maybe things like doors and a steering wheel.

I really need to focus.

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