Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Walking Dead As A Tabletop Game

I like Mantic. They have given me some great, scary zombies over the years. They do well for fantasy but are not so good, I think for modern but that hasn't stopped Mal from using them to great effect.

The web is telling me that The Walking Dead miniatures game is coming soon.
The Walking Dead: All Out War
YouTube in the form of Beasts of War and Wargames News and Terrain are both saying
As the Walking Dead is currently the only TV we can agree on, I get to watch it more than any other show (apart from The Last Kingdom which almost makes Saxons cooler than Vikings) I not only love the show but it makes me want the end of the world by zombie look appealing (you would feel that way to if you lived where I live  this (a cars wars style end of the world is also up there too)).

They seem to be telling me that there are initially 120 figures being planned and maybe some 3d terrain might make it in too. Cars were being talked about. The mechanisms for the game sound pretty good too. Terrain, or the absence of it, usually breaks a lot of games for me. As a post apocalypse fan, I figure that there are a lot of uses I can ut these too so I might heavily invest in this.

Looking at the pictures, I am thinking that it might be more the comic book than the show but that is pretty cool. So the waiting begins. This will be worse than waiting for Frostgrave.


  1. Indeed based on the comics rather than the TV it could be good. I hope they don't fluff it up though.

  2. Either way it's got to be good. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do. by the sounds of it there are a few nice mechanisms