Friday, 15 January 2016

Skeletons - The Good, The Bad And The Neutral

Skeletons...A bit of a fantasy staple, especially for RPGs and 28mm undead are everywhere. Something that I have never owned in any quantity. I have owned one GW fantasy tribe skeleton since the mod eighties. I thought about buying some of them on eBay but they were pretty poor compared to the stuff available today.
I have spent about an hour painting and another hour farting around. So obviously time for a blog post. The fact that I haven't really got anything to post, well that's by the by. So...I have been painting skeletons and I have a few that have caused me to stop and think.

This figure exemplifies the worst of GW (there is some good in there to). It is a bit more baroque (maybe even Heath Robinson) than it needs to be. Well maybe a lot more baroque. But that seems to be the way that they are going with the latest incarnations of their minis. There is more of an anime feel to it. I guess that goes with the tentacles of chaos.
I was struck more by what was in storage more than what was one the table. I got all this stuff on eBay. I was wondering what the reason why someone would write dad on the bottom of a skeleton. When I first noticed it, it was a bit less poignant than it is today.

Sorry if I seem to be doing a bit of GW bashing at the moment.


  1. I use a lot of spawny movie titles in my games. The big the bad and the ugly being one that springs to mind.