Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Small Steps - Or Practical Procrastination and Prevarication - Games Workshop Night Goblins And Frostgrave

I have found a little more time to myself today to do some paint. The dog got walked and everything else that needed fettling got fettled. Not enough to get a meaty amount of work done but enough to do a fair bit of prep.
I got the Night Goblins base coated. I don't do a lot of base coating because, despite what people tell you, I prefer to paint on the bare metal and then give the minis a couple of coats of spray on varnish. By the time I have finished painting them, there is usually to to three coats at a minimum on all areas. To my (bespectacled) eye, this allows the details to show through a bit more. These are not especially dark age miniatures but with the shields, they are not so far off the mark and will do for some bits at a pinch. To me goblins are a bit smaller and I have some snotlings that fill that role nicely. I am sure that they would fit in well with a Skyrim module. Maybe they will do as hobgoblins but I have some old denizen half orcs that fit that role to. I guess I am going to do these because they are easy and they were cheap.

I have done a bit more painting of what is on the desk too. Not as much as I would like but better than nothing.  What I have done is stopped thinking about ordering some bottles and magnets and got on and done it. With what is going on, I am struggling at least as much with concentration on painting as I am with time to do it. I am finding it a lot easier to do prep work than actual real work.

I got to spend a bit of time doing other things I enjoy (such as blogging) so really not a bad day all round.

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