Sunday, 17 January 2016

Miniature Painting Guides On YouTube

I have been looking for inspiration a lot lately. Or was that I have been lacking inspiration lately. Normally I look at a lot of forums to see if I have lost my direction there. All the pretty pictures. Recently I got a new TV. The thing is huge. I am going to have to build a new TV stand to cope with it. It has a voice activated search facility. This has revolutionised my life. I used to occasionally use YouTube on the TV but typing all the info in took an age and was about as user friendly as a 1980s word processor. Voice activated YouTube is way much more fun. For the most part it is great but sometimes it goes wrong. Try explain why suggestions for lingerie keep coming up when you were in fact searching for 4K.

When I started painting, I had a guide in the back of an old Games
Workshop Catalogue. It hadn't realised that it was that old, I have been painting longer than I thought. This was good to start with but I git all I was going to get out with it by the time I had finished my first batch of figures, Where to go then? Well nowhere really. There were a few articles about painting in magazines, maybe about one a year and they usually covered the same old ground. There were a few books but these were not cheap.

These days, you can learn a lot of stuff very, very quickly. That is the power of YouTube.

Dr Faust's Painting Clinic. The Doc is one of my personal faves. It is a difficult between the Doc, ASS and Tabletop Minions for my real faves. The guy has been around a long time and has a lot of skill. He has got some good ideas for airbrush work. Mainly fantasy stuff but some good sci-fi stuff for GW as well. Doc Faust has some skills and is all about the painting. It's

Tabletop Minions. If I had to pick a site I like the most I am not sure I could do it. Tabletop Minions would be pretty close to the top of the list. he has given me some great ideas. He is easy to listen to and has some insights into the wider hobby. There is stuff here that is useful for speeding up the painting process and other stuff for putting in more detail. He is more about fantasy, with a little bit of sci and even some modern ish stuff there as well. He also has a lot on interesting polemics about the hobby.

Wargames Soldier's and Strategy. I am loathed to put up this page because it is much more of a comercial site that the others. It is included for one reason, it's good work. There is a range range of figures from all sort of periods and manufacturers but pretty much all in 28mm. The tutorials are good and have a lot of tips in them. This is a great place to go if someone has a particular project that coincides with what is here.

Engineer Jeff. Another nice site, A lot of his stuff concentrates a lot on Reaper Bones which he seems to back heavily. As it is all about the Bones, there is some good advice about painting them. Although not the best painter of the bunch (which is no criticism) but he has some solid painting advice which is worth listening to. A great site for fantasy ideas, especially reaper.

Miniwargamer Jay. Perhaps my most recent, good find on YouTube. He has a huge amount of very specific tutorials about how to paint different colours, skin tones and furs. There are a lot of videos. He has helped me painting yellows, which for a long time has been a colour I have chosen to avoid. The guy has some good skills which are easy to digest,

I don't think any of these guys are winners of any major painting awards. This was kind of a choice. They are all pretty good practical painters who do work solidly above my standard. To put it another way, these are the guys just about anyone can aspire to. They have skills to pass on and some have nice ideas about the hobby that are worth a listen. If you watch what they do and put it into practice, you might get as good as they are.

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