Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Very Brief Update

This is more about what I have done than one I am doing at the moment. These were more or less finished at the beginning of the month but I am only just getting around to posting the pictures. These first three figures are all Crusader Miniatures Franks. They fit well into a role I have for them in the Viking game I run. They are effectively fleeing refugees looking for somewhere to live.

This one is slightly better equipped than the others, and the model of what I saw the refugees looking like. I have some shield painted up which will need to be glued on. There is still scope for a bit more work on the base but I will spray varnish the figure before doing that. The spray tends to make some of the more fluffy stuff a lot less fluffy.
The last one of the Crusader Miniatures figures is this naked fanatic. The tash on this one would make me nervous just looking at him in real life. I can see why naked fanatics were suppose to cause such fear in the enemy. I can just imagine turning up to a rugby match where the other team turned up naked, not a pleasant image.
There is a little left to do on the basing (as was ever the case). I guess these are figures that are as finished as much as they are going to be at least until I get them varnished.

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