Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pig In Lipstick

This is work in progress with the emphasis on progress. Another 28mm Viking.

I was watching something on Dr Faust's YouTube  about the Painting Slump the other day as part of my desire to rekindle my gaming mojo. Doc Faust was talking about throwing figures that turned out badly in the bin. The thought had never occurred to me.  To me it's a bit like throwing away food. You just don't do it. Bad form if you do it.
Pig In Lipstick
I have had this figure sat on the desk for ages which I think comes from Gripping Beast and it is still yet to be finished (I mean look at his chin and the eyes). It is one of the figures I got for the Viking game nearly two years ago.

From a distance (some would say 3.2 nautical miles) it looks pretty good. It has achieved the almost legendary status of a background project (something I pick up when what I am unable to paint something that is still wet.). It was a nice looking figure until I painted it. I say that, he looks like a Klingon admiral in chain mail (old school Trek, not TNG pastie heads and probably a Klingon cosplayer at that). Has anyone seen the series Wilfred?
Cosplay Is Wrong
Now is looks like aforementioned Pig In Lipstick. it's not that bad I guess, I am just really not happy with it. there are a lot of older sculpts that I don't seem to be able to get my head around (a bad workman blaming his tools I guess). It's a shame really as I had a nice role in mind for the figure.

I am not really about throwing things out, you will be well aware of that if you have looked here. And a painted figure is a painted figure. Still, I have found my hammer and it might do me some good to let lose.

I may be having a bit of a painting slump but my blogging seems to be getting the attentions it deserves. Go figure.

1 Keep?
2 Hammer?
3 Bin?
4 Do over?


  1. Can you not just touch him up a bit. I don't agree with binning stuff. I tend to strip and redo at a later date when inspiration strikes.

    1. I don;t agree with it either, Stripping seems drastic, Touch up looks like the way to go.

  2. I don't have the heart to bin things either, then tend to be hidden with a view of revisiting them when I've calmed down.

    1. I can't imagine that you have too much you want to hide. Mr Pig in lipstick up there is probably due to spend some more time in some dark recess of the desk, hopefully he won't gather too much dust.