Wednesday, 20 January 2016

More Stuff Just About Done

I have lot a little titivating of some 28mm Frostgrave miniatures today so that they are more or less done. Not a lot of work but at least something has been done. I might actually meet my blogging target but more of that at the end of the month. I can't remember what this figure was called but it was a bonus figure from the original Frostgrave Nickstarter. He has been floating around the desk for a while now. Guess it is time to put him to bed one of the huge number of foam trays.
This character is the Marksman from the original Nickstarter. I don't have too many crossbowmen and I think this guy is the only metal one The casting fits in well with all the dark.Viking stuff that I already have.. He will fit in well with the Norman figures that I have to do even if he is a little over armoured for a Norman. Nice figure apart from the two piece crossbow.
The last guy today is and isn't a Frostgrave figure. When the Nickstarter narrowly missed one of it's goals they decided to give a Crusader miniature away as a bonus. I don't tend to paint much in yellow because it is a bigger to get an even coat. This one however turned out okay.

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