Saturday, 16 January 2016

More Thoughts On 2015 & 2016 & Zombies & Workbench Update

2015 was set to be a big year for me. I was hoping that I was buying house last year and now it looks like it's no one wants to take my money because I am a special kind of self employed. So I got a new car instead and still ended up moving but not buying,

Probably not the first course of business (when we moved) was going to be the wargame room. I am currently thinking about buying an old site cabin or a shed but struggling with somewhere to put it. The site cabin is winning out on most levels but my other half is not liking the look of them. For my money, the fact that it is secure, is plumbed in for utilities, already insulated and a quarter of he cost of a big shed wins for me though. Not to mention the portability. My uncle has one and he has kind of sold the idea to me. It would be big enough for game table, storage a workbench and a painting station. What more could I want? I would like to keep a room in the house for me to keep some stuff but I will see what happens when the horse trading starts.

An improved work bench, a coffee table suitable for wargamming and even a gaming table are all on the cards. Mainly I am looking for a new game to play. I am liking the Dark Age fantasy thing. I am just wanting to try something else. I have the figures but not the inclination.

Well the next idea is zombies...obviously. I want to run some more zombie stuff, I might even get some more painted. I have several boxes of plastic miniatures to paint as well as many metal mins waiting to get done. I am feeling the urge to get some more Cold War minis but mainly because I just want them to match what I have done today which was playing about with some zombie miniatures. I am still also thinking about getting some studio miniatures stuff and of course The walking Dead is coming. I have a game in mind, after a fashion and of course the Walking Dead is on the horizon

I have piles of figures in the old lead and plastic mountains. I have started referring to them as Twin Peaks. I will also have to finish up all the things on the workbench which should keep me busy for the next few weeks.
The skellies are what I would like to finish first. I was about to finish them off when I found out the bone coloured paint I was going to use had gone all but dry. So I will leave them until I get a layer of dust or I find some more paint.
I did a test on some goblins before Christmas. I remember seeing old GW Night Goblins and Lessor Night Goblins back in the mid eighties. Some later age Night Goblins were the staple of my groups gaming. They were the only type of figure we had in any numbers so they doubled for everything from orcs to drow. The said resemblance that one had to George W Bush was mentioned every time. So I wanted some of my own. Not quite the same figures but close enough and I have a load of them. They cost pence per figure on eBay. Bargain.
The one I have done were just a test. Mostly complete. Now I have another dozen to do. I just need to take them outside and spray them black. I don't normally spray them with a base coat but as they are going to be mostly black, I will make an exception

Finally, last summer I found a D+D boardgame on a local flea market. Most of what was there was pretty rubbish but as I paid a pound for it, I cannot really complain. I think these were meant to be carrion crawlers. I wasnlt fond of what was dangling down from their neck so I have chopped it off, along wth some of the base so that they can be re-based properly.

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