Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dwarven Dark Mages

Dark Mages
RPG characters are currently my thing but these are something I finished these what seems like an age ago. I wasn't going to post the pictures because they are a little overdue but then I remembered telling the guys at Midlam Miniatures that I would post the pictures. These are their Dwarven Dark Mages (the clue is in the title of the post).
Gratuitous size comparison
This is a close up of one of the above and I also painted some old Grenadier dwarves which are currently produced by Mirliton Miniatures. I liked the way the guy in purple turned out and the jeweled rings end up looking pretty good on the table.Anything that can fit into a dark age setting, especially if it's vaguely Viking does me well.

Grenadier Dwarves
Four more grenadier dwarves. I think these were a good buy on eBay when I got them. I got a really nice mix of miniatures without any duplicates rather than buying so multi packs and specialists which would have cost me a lot. I had a few grenadier dwarves from back in the day. I liked them then and there are not too many that can compare even today. Some of the Midlam figures can be a little on the small side (less than heroic scale) but these dwarves work very well with the rest of my collection.


  1. Those are superb Fred, the jewels in the first shot look amazing.

    1. Cheers Michael, kind words coming from a painter of your standard