Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lonsome Cowboy pt 2

Just so people can see that I am no crazy, I finished off by cowboy zombie hunter. You do not need to under coat to keep the paint on any more. That's what two spray on varnish is for which allows you to keep more of the detail. Still need to come up with a name. He looks like the actor Sam Elliot to me. I found a picture of him on a page called the Art of Manliness. his facial hair was in the top twenty of all time. this would have been fine but for the fact that Magnum (Tom Selleck), one of the greatest gay icons of all time was a few places above him. Maybe I'll just stick with lonesome.

Should I ever get round to doing fallout in 28mm, this will be perfect. If Iain ever gets his Deadlands game going, I'll be able to use it for the purpose it was originally intended for.