Friday, 18 October 2013

Malifaux - Ice Golem

There have been a number of games that I have been talked into trying by friends with very little actually happen after the initial purchase. This is another of those purchases, at least at the moment. My old guard chique took a momentary knock when I talked to staff in the shop but I got over it. It wasn't as bad as they day I went into workshop to buy some paint to find that I owned acrylic paint that was older than all of the staff.  Even though the game looked a little bit poop I embraced it. I was almost giddy. This time though I thought I'd be clever and I'll buy some figures that I can use for something else even if they did look a little bit anime.

I really think this figure is fantastic. I have a thing for winter role playing so the icy themed Rasputina  Malifaux mixed set seemed like a good idea. I got some other stuff  for this force and other packs too (one that is still in the same spot it landed four months ago unopened but it was very cheap on eBay) but that hasn't been started let alone finished yet. I liked the Ice Golem so I thought I's put this up first not really Malifaux offering.

He is now officially a fantasy monster. I see a use for him in Skyrim and have a idea for a combat involving him and his buddies. Giant frost atonarch? 


  1. I like him a lot. I really like the idea behind golems of all materials yet I don't own any! Will have to rectify that for sure.

    Out of interest why is that you like winter settings?

    1. Golems and elementals are just nicely bad. They are usually controlled by poeple which makes them just as good or bad as they are.

      I thik the thing about winter is danger. It's a little like night, thats when the bad things come out. When wolves are just hungry enough to attack people. That kind of thing.
      There have also been some great adventures over the years set in a winter background. Some funny, some sinister.

  2. Just like the old days. All dressed up and no where to go. :(