Monday, 7 October 2013

The Dark Ages Are Coming (One Big Pile Of Lead)

Now just taken off the workbench is the box of what I have ended up with for a Viking Fantasy game. I'll have a load of stuff I can borrow as well. It doesn't include all the boxes of building I now have but it does include some smaller elements of terrain

Gripping Beast have kind of sold me on their figures. I was thinking in terms of a Samurai or Viking game as a project. As much as I love the Samurai, the Viking have won out because there are lots of people that want to play the Viking game. Maybe that says something about the British mentality. There is a lot of Viking blood in us after all.

So where else have I got stuff from? eBay? If ever there was a way to separate a man from his money it's Ebay. Some of it is just too shiny not to buy and some if it reminds me of days long gone by. I went on something of a binge in the last month or so. I have twenty more stars on eBay than I used to have and I am still owed a fair bit of feedback.

I got the usual mixed bag of stuff. most of it has been for the Skyrim game that the new year will great. I have been promised that I can borrow some figures but those people are a bit light on types that don't just carry big swords and axes.

There are even a load of fantasy stuff. It being a Norse (well Norse lite) game, the figures need to have the right look. I found a moderately bag grenadier dwarves. I know these models are owned by Mirliton now but I wanted a variety and it's difficult to get what i wanted out the range without a lot of stuff I didn't want and getting a load of duplicates. Nordic elves are a little harder to come by but these will do the job. I didn't want anything that was too GW dark elf but something that could be painted to look evil.

I got a bag full of paitned terrain,

I got some Apaches and zombie cowboys. These will do for someone a mates game which come along at the end of the year.

All in all, one big pile of lead.

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