Thursday, 10 October 2013

Some Work In Progress

I have had a few hours to myself earlier this evening. This is after a few days of total hell. I know I have been posting but these posts have been stuff I mostly prepared over the weekend. Today was the first time I have picked a brush up since Sunday. Nothing finished just a few bits of work in progress. I am not sure there has been a great deal of progress but every little helps I guess.

The first picture is a few more of the "ice zombie" warriors like the one I worked on over the weekend. I wasn't struck on the chill look from the dry brushing so I might try something else.
I have about forty Kobolds to pain. I managed to get some painted a while back. these are the pre slotta ones from GW. I loved these guys when they came out. I had two from way back in the eighties and managed to get a job lot of them about five years ago. Kobolds are always good roleplaying monsters. They might not be very tough but they are tricky and of course I have forty of them.

Lastly a magic user. This is very early in the process and it doesn't look very good at the moment. I have a few finished magic users so maybe I should have put them up first.


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    1. Cheers. I sometime think that blogging or more technically not blogging is just something else to feel angst ridden about. It's distracting me from work which is a good thing. Ish.