Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ice Warrior

No not the doctor who type. I am trying to keep the momentum going and this was another figure from Sunday as a test paint job. I'd almost finished but added a couple more touches. I mentioned the other day that I wanted something kind of undead for the upcoming Skyrimesque game I'm planning.

Ice Warrior
This pale blue warrior is set to be one of these. I am half tempted to may this the weekends offering for Zomtober. I might even get a few more. This is a cheap way of turning regular figures which I have a quite a few of into monsters. I have aquired a few too many guys blowing horns so I suspect there will be one of each in this group and my second offering on Sunday. thinking about it, I did some figures not unlike this recently for Malifaux (which never took off). I am planning to maybe turn some into something that look more like statues. I will have to find some more weapons so that I can make them look the part.

I have some Workshop Lord of the Rings figures to come. I have some dismounted Riders of Rohan which I have planned for Skyrimesque town guards and some of their ghostly warriors. I sense a few more test paints in the near future.


  1. Now that works! Would the spear/weapons be made of ice?

    1. I haven't made up my mind yet. Part of me says that they will look more striking with real looking weapons. Something about the contrast would probably work. Part of me says that they players can't steal weapons and armour made of ice. It's the evil genius in me coupled with the desire to stop the players looting the bodies. Better still maybe have them look real but are actual worthless and useless. A Nord broadsword if you play Skyrim.