Friday, 21 June 2013

Phalanx Show

Phalanx is my local show and pretty good despite being in St Helens (where they make glass and terrible rugby league teams (for the Americans out there rugby league is like American football but you don't get a rest (time out to catch your breath in the middle of a game, only in American :-) ), helmets and body armor because we're hard). It is a good little show and I go just about every year. They support the charity Combat Stress who help former soldiers with mental health problems so can't be all bad.

I am planning a new RPG game in the near future so I got some minis for that. So expect to see some 28mm stuff arriving over the next days and weeks. Most of the stuff was brought from Ainsty Castings and also sell some Crooked Dice stuff too.

For the first time in a while I didn't buy anything for 15mm. This was not through lack of trying just that there wasn't much there that I fancied. I think that this might pass as 15mm. I'm thinking they might make alien ants nests of something like that. I have no idea who sold me this so if anyone recognises it please let me know. The same goes for the wind turbine below.
So keen to get on with things was I that I found that I was well into the basing and painting process before I had even started. So here are some pictures. These figures are kind of inspired by a 1970s TV series called Space 1999. This was Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds etc) at his best. The suits are pretty close to the ones n the show and have been used elsewhere. The scientists are not really from Space 1999 but the heads
really are. One of them has just a hint of Martin Landau.

These are some scenic bits from Ainsty castings. I have a fair bit
of their stuff now. They also sold me the Crooked Dice stuff.

The last couple of pictures are Federated Security Troopers also from Crooked Dice. These are so closely based on the Federation Troopers from Blake's 7 it is untrue. I was figuring on using these for internal security troopers in an upcoming RPG I have pending.

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