Wednesday, 26 June 2013

28mm Terrain Tiles

I have more or less given up on the clean up of the desk. I have got a lot done but not quite cleared everything. It is time for a change though as there are some pressing external matters that mean that  I am back on the 28mm front.
The For All Mankind game is just over the horizon (think Traveller Ancients but grey, none wings black bulbous eyes and a ufologists wet dream) so I thought it was time to get things going. I need a load of room tiles for the game and here is the first one to be done. I have ordered a load of figures from Victory Force and some Grey's from Tengu Models. These still haven't arrived. I did get some stuff from Ainsty Casting at the Phalanx Show which included some Crooked Dice/7TV stuff which is currently on the painting table.

I might show some more as they get done but just in case the players are watching. I might not post the interesting ones until after the fact.

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