Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fallout Falls In

About half the figures I had planned for the fallout game are now done. Mostly I am pretty okay with them (that's impressed by my standards). Not sure about the one with the cowboy hat as she doesn't seem to have much of a mouth. I've had a look at the the one in the pack and I am fairly sure that the face is not my fault. There's also a female security guard in a cap that's face doesn't look that great but it is better in reality.

The NAC figures were at the time the game started a bit of an accommodation. I had a few left over from a NAC force project a while ago and they were close enough to the look I wanted. Towards the end of the last game te players acquired a big rocket launcher. In savage worlds I play with an adventure deck. This deck grants some advantages in certain situations. One of the players burnt a load of cards to get a big rocket launcher to kill a big monster. Sadly, another player got a really lucky shot that killed it just as the rocket launcher got into position. Anyway, they now have a big rocket launcher (something like a Milan) so i thought I had better do some figures for it.

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