Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sol Stellar Survey Service - A First Look

I was looking for some 28mm figures that could be used as a quasi military force. I wasn't after anything too military or too Star Trek but something more like the Scout Service in Traveller. In For All Mankind I have a group called the Sol Stellar Survey Service. They are part astronaut, part geologist, part xenologist, part explorer and part scientist. They also double as a reconnaissance  force in times of trouble. In my game.
After a lot of digging around the only thing I could find were the Spacefarers from Victory Force (not the old Citadel ones). I was a bit reticent to order them as I couldn't find out much about scale or quality on the web and the pics on the web site were just a bit too indistinct. Well I ended up ordering them.
As well as what's in the pictures below I have some vac suited figures and some aliens but I will post pictures of these another time. I ended up paying  £30 tax and handling which came as a real shock. I will make sure that anything else U get is made up from smaller orders in future.
I have fairly mixed feelings about them. They are exactly what I wanted but with a few niggles. Some of the hair styles lack anything but the most basic sculpting.  Big hair with no texture. The figures have a wide range of sizes which is a plus and a negative in my book. They seem to do a lot of zombies of a similar quality which end up a lot cheaper.

My bet is that they will paint up alright. The faces are better than some even if some of the hair is a bit off. They have the advantage of being exactly what I want. I am guessing that my main gripe now is that the day after the arrived Victory Force announce a mammoth sale on this range only. Timing the secret of great...

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