Thursday, 27 June 2013

Yet More Scatter Terrain

This is more of a catch up post than normal. I did most of this a while back and have just got round to taking some pictures before putting the stuff in it's storage boxes. Today's offerings mainly come from Peter Pig. They do some nice scenery packs that I'd had my eye on for a while. I have been after piles of tires for a while. Whilst there are plenty of packs out there, they all tend to be massively over sized for 15mm. Eight foot tires don't really do it for me. The tires come with some old looking petrol pumps which I thought would be great for a Fallout style retro petrol (that's gas for you foreign devils) station.

Outhouses seemed like a must. For the shanty type village I am planning, I thought these would be great. I guess they would also work with the sci-fi and Afghan stuff I have worked on in the past. Peter Pig also do some nice furniture. I now have lots of wild west stuff from doing the Fallout game and these were originally wild west terrain.

A bed, piano and a chest of draws are found here and there. I'm not sure why I got the coffins. A bit of an impulse I guess but I am sure they were find a use somewhere.

Most of the rest of this is random junk although the missile came from Eureka I think.

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