Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Federales - Federation Internal Secuirty Forces

It's been a busy month for my blog so I thought I would finish it off with one last post in June. So I thought  I would post something I have been sat on for a few days now. I like these guys, as figures at least. There are five of the six I have done so far. The last one lacks a head because I wanted one that was bareheaded for a sergeant. They have since released another pack with an officer, a couple of mutoids and the really ridiculously low budget security robot from the TV series.
Black is always hard to get right (not as hard as yellow or white perhaps) but I have manged to pick out the details pretty well with these.

Crooked Dice minis. What else can I say. Nice. Very nice. They have managed to capture that cheesy 60s, 70s and 80s low budget scifi look perfectly and do so with really nice sculpts. I have some astronauts and scientists to go up on her when they are finished (which will be soon).


  1. Those are great. and I agree, I keep having problems with highlights for blacks. I think green is a great way to add contrast.

    And don't diss the robot, it's hilarious :P

    1. Hiya

      Just noticed that I hadn't responded to you. I cannot not diss the robot. It was a truly terrible plot even by the standards of the time. the last time I saw a robot that bad it was designed and built by an eight year old.