Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rebel Minis Modern US Infantry, work in progress

I am a big fan of Rebel Minis. I many ways it was their figures that finally made me succumb to the 15mm call to arms. I originally wanted to get modern minis for a Conspiracy-X role playing game but have moved on to Force on Force in the meantime. With 15mm it is possibly to get a bit closer to actual ground scale for combat than with 20mm and 25mm.

Rebel Minis Modern US Infantry

I wanted to get some of the modern US Military figures. I did a bit of research (I looked at wikipedia) for a place to start. ACU is a pig of a camo scheme to replicate. I tried and failed three times. It can be done in 15mm but it doesn't look right. It's just too chunky. So I swapped having a scheme where you could see the details of close for a scheme that looks good on the tabletop. This was accomplished by stippling. As ACU is a mixture of Desert Sand, Urban Gray and Foliage Green I looked for a range of colours that mimicked these. Not wanting to make it look too dark I lightened the shades a bit. I used festering green, kommando khaki and fortress grey. The whole model was stippled in the three colours before filling in the details. There is nothing particularly unusual about how the rest was done. I am waiting on a few more to finish the set.

There is still a little bit of work to do on the figures and I'll update the blog when they are done

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