Thursday, 26 April 2012

Khurasan new Taliban on sale

Khurasan have just released some Taliban fighters. This is more generally the territory of of Rebel minis and GZG. I have already got some Taliban stuck in a not insubstantial paint queue which are there to be one of the opponents for the modern US infantry I have painted.

The first set is 15mm Terrorist Leader, Western Hostage and Three Talib Guards. For $2.99 you get the five figures. The hostage is nice as is the leader.


 The next pack is more infantry 15mm Talib Fighters (two RPG-7, one PK, and three AK-47). This is a nice assortment of weapons for $3.99.

I am not sure that there is enough choices of figures to make an army up but if you add these into the mix of the figure from Rebel I think they would make a nice addition to any unit.

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