Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Dead Walk, I Mean Lie Down

Well it's been a slow time on the blog but this is mainly because the real world has been fairly busy. Paperwork and training were things I had thought I had left behind but perhaps not. The painting table hasn't been especially busy but some stuff has been going on. I now have a phone with a decent camera again so I can take some pictures. There is plenty of stuff but I thought I'd start with these as they are on the tabletop at the moment.
The Not Walking Dead
I had felt I needed some dead bodies and Peter Pig seemed the obvious choice. As my previous background project is over I thought it was time for a new one and corpses seemed like a good idea for something to keep me occupied.

I got a chance to go to Vapnartak wargames show at York race course last weekend and spent some cash. Mainly with Peter Pig who I haven't seen at a show for a while. York is a bit of a trek from Home but it was a nice show if a little bit cramped. I've never been before but it's had a few good reports from friends.

I had a few ideas for Peter Pig minis after seeing a blog called the Special Corps. Sadly it's not active anymore but it is well worth a look. He had been using Peter Pig "Hey you in the Jail" minis for sci fi including some nice conversions. This blog had been a major influence on me when I started down the road of 15mm gaming and I have been planning on buying some minis.

So I went to York to get some corpses, some western figures and plenty of odds and sods. Sadly they don't take the western figures to shows so I had to settle for corpses, scenery and some vehicles.

I had a few corpses and casualties from GZG in their NAC range and some body bags from TheScene which I had painted already but wanted a lot more (which I will get round to posting but it will be a dull post). I have painted some live NAC troopers and a corpse as Vault Dwellers for my current RPG endeavor  a couple of weeks ago and wanted to paint some more bodies. This is not because I thought the players would be intimidated by them. Honest. No, I really am being honest but it would have been a good idea.

I wanted some corpses for several reasons. Firstly mass combat games leave corpses behind so a few bodies for markers is a good idea, particularly for force on force and stargrunt. Secondly I wanted corpses to be proto zombies for a zombie game. It's always nice to have some corpses for RPG games. Finally I wanted some bodies for scenery purposes. The scenery pieces aren't here, they are still in a bag. I perhaps went a it crazy as I now have well over fifty bodies to paint. This is one of the nice things about gaming in 15mm, you can have lots and lots and lots.
Armed porters
I wanted some unusual figures for my Fallout game and I happened to have some armed porter figures from a manufacturer that I am not currently mentioning because of their appalling customer service. I was planning on moving into doing some 1920s figures at some point so got these a few months ago. As they were an easy paint job I thought I would give them a go. They still need to be inked and based but that won't be too hard.
I have some more stuff to go up so I will hopefully be posting some more over the next couple of days. It feels kind of nice to be posting again.

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