Sunday, 17 February 2013

Vault Characters

I will start out by saying that these were some figures I knocked up over the course of an afternoon as I needed the figures quite quickly. These were always going to be a bit rough and ready and are not my best work.
The Fallout game I am running needed some appropriate looking characters. As this is a game aimed at mass combat I thought I would start with some guards. The figures are some left over NAC troopers from GZG that I had lying around. The trooper are the core of the army so a nicely sized force seemed about right.

I wanted some civilian types for the players to use and as some NPCs. Medics, security scientists and the odd alcoholic. These are some GZG civilians and colonists. If you use 15mm sci figures, you can't beat GZG. I've recently had another big order from them and will post some more about that later.

Finally, these are another techie and some kids from GZG and the new leader of the vault from Peter Pig which was posted a few days ago.


  1. I'm just starting to paint some of these NAC, and I really like them- I guess you do too!

    1. I have loads of NAC stuff. I am thinking about getting some more. Might get some colonial marine types from khurasan first.

  2. Like em. Kilgore is a nice figure. Hows the Fallout game going?