Monday, 18 February 2013

Pound Shop Find #2

I found these last month and I've had a chance to play about with them. I think the pack cost about £4 in total and there were six vehicles in the pack. These have been distressed a little to give them a bit of texture. I could make them into something a bit a bit better but this would have required a lot more effort.  The truck is a little on the large side but looking at it, I can see it as a big industrial truck. This might be typical of the big earth moving equipment especially on colonies.

One of the vehicles that isn't all that great and has been broken up already and used for scenery. there is another that isn't scenery yet but will be soon. There is a steam roller on it's side in the background. I have seen vehicles this large but to be honest I have no use for it so it's going to be scrapped and turned bits for scenery.
The last pic is one that compares them to the other vehicles in the post from a few days ago.


  1. Been out and got some. Nice size for industrail vehicles and the others are about right for more civillian stuff.

  2. I know it's junk but I love junk