Friday, 8 February 2013

Desert Wanderers

I wanted some desert type characters for when I got around to playing a Fallout game. The game happened quicker than I was expecting so I thought it was time I got round to painting the figures. Time is tight (according to Booker T and the MGs anyway) so a quick and dirty paint job was called for. The minis evoke what I think that something from the planet Arakis would look like so just about perfect for the post apocalyptic desert wasteland of Fallout.

As is my want, this is more work in progress. A vermin brown base coat picked out out with a darker shade of scorched earth for deep creases in the outfit and for boots. The weapons and goggles are gun metal. Although fairly shiny, this will be toned down when the spray matt varnish is applied. A couple of lighter beiger browns have been used for the face masks. Topped of with some sepia ink to give it a bit of texture.

The Fallout game is set in Arizona which gives me a bit of a free hand when it comes to game design. There guys have become the Yuma Private Military Company. I am not sure if they are good guys or bad guys yet. I'll see how much the players wind them up.

I think eventually they will end up as a unit for Tomorrow's War and a general RPG bad guys.

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