Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fallout (ish) Robots

Just another quick post. This is some more stuff from TheScene. I got these in the run up the game and actually painted them weeks ago. These are doubling for protectotrons. I wanted some more but they appear to be so popular that they are almost always out of stock. There is a bit of close up below.

I guess that these are meant to be robo brains. These are the robotic heavy artillery. These are also from TheScene. They have yet to have an appearance on the tabletop. I suspect that they might have a big impact on the players when they roll on the board. Will they be good guys or bad guys? I don't know yet but whatever, I am sure they are going to make someones day.

The last picture is of former Vault Overseer Johnson (aka Robo Johnson). He is an NPC from the Fallout game. I can see some other uses for him as time goes by. This is a minor conversion of a Black Cat Bases miniature. I normally like to say a little more but as I have said previously, time is tight at the moment.

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