Thursday, 14 February 2013

RIP Battlegames

I subscribed to Battlegames and Miniature Wargames back in October. Warners, the company who distribute both have kind of buggered me about a bit. I have had two copies of MW and I've yet to have a copy of Battlegames. After three months of waiting four e-mails, and three phone calls to the distrubtor Warner Group Publications, I got my subscription started. I even got a bonus two issues of each magazine to make up for my troubles. A little bit of a trauma but I was more than happy with the solution. I am expecting one in March. I have a few of them and quite liked the style of the magazine and eventually decided to subscribe.

I got a letter from Henry Hyde who is the editor of Battlegames which lead to me ringing him up. Nice Bloke. He's in a bit of an awkward situation I guess so I don't envy his position.

Basically it transpires that the next issue of Battlegames will be the last one. It will continue as special editions but sporadically. They will be releasing a magazine to help the charity Combat Stress, one of the few charities I feel that are not trying to mug you.

I have been told that I will be getting a copy of the improved MW to replace my subscription, which would be great as long as they don't send me out two copies of the same magazine which seems to be where it is going.

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