Friday, 15 February 2013

Pound Shop Find #1

Well in this instance I guess it is not technically a pound shop as what is on display actually cost £4. They are cheap made in China mouldings. I have had better but then never mind the quality feel the width. Some of it is junk. There are a couple of jeeps that I can see no use for at the moment but I might be able to make something usable when I have had time to think. The traffic cones are massively over size. There is even a plastic wheel barrow. I can see this going into the junk box and staying there for a while.
The first thing that caught my eye were the lorries. There is very little out there that can be used for articulated lorries. Khurasan do one that is a little bit car wars but there is nothing really suitable for modern.variable but more or less.   

 This is a sporting looking car and I am not really sure what it is doing in a construction set but there you go. The pick up it's next to is from Peter Pig. It looks a little long but the height, which is normally the bigger problem is about okay.

I could see this in a car wars setting. Some of the classic counters don't look too different.  That said I think I am going to take the wheels off and turn it into a Traveller style grav-speeder. One of the 15mm figures have bases which give them a little of a height rise but it kind of works.

I was less sure about these. they are definately out of scale for what they are. The one on the right could be turned into some sort of G truck or maybe a transit style can. The one on the left kind of looks like a candidate for the bits box. Behind it is a skip that came with the set. I have skips from TheScene so suspect that is heading for the bits box too.

I got two mixer trucks for my money. I can see one being dismantled. Next to some older style WW2 vehicles they look a little taller but that is to be expected.

Another articulated lorry. The storage container on the rig is pretty good. It could be detached with a little effort. The set it came from cost a pound so it would still work out cheaper than buying something from a mini manufacturer.
The last of the articulated trucks. I'm not sure what they were thinking in the trailer design team but I guess there is plenty that can be made out of what's here. Compared to the other big trucks I have seen, I'd take these.
Last but not least a couple more trucks. The ecovery truck is an odd construction but I guess it will turn into something if you think about it long enough. For £4 I thought this was a pretty good deal.

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