Thursday, 14 February 2013

Peter Pig Stuff

After my recent spurt of activity for the Fallout game, I spent some money with Peter Pig recently. I know I seem to be painting corpses at the moment but there are two reasons. the first is that I really, really want to and secondly, I only have to paint half a figure which means the lead mountain will disappear quickly.

A lot of the dead are modern US figures so I thought I might as well paint up the Peter Pig Snipers and some odds and sods whilst I was at it. I'll publish those soon. The dead soldiers are done in the same way as I did my American's previously. Who needs a painting log book when you can blog it and go and look at what colours you used back then.
There were a few GZG NAC casualties lying around. I wanted another Fallout Vault Guard casualty and painted a couple of NAC casualties as well. The NAC will be doubling are troops from the New Californian Republic in the Fallout game so it seemed like a good time to get them over and done with. I'll publish the NAC/NCR models when I get chance to take some pics.
These are modern US troopers and the odd Vietnam era figure. I like the normal sniper figure but I am not so keen on the Barret rifle. Still, it's better than the competition. There is a figure which I assume is meant to be Rambo. I wanted a figure with some character for Force on Force, a positive leader perhaps. I know it's Vietnam but looking at the figure I don't think this will make any difference. I feel that I will play with this one a little but more before it is done.
Finally, I have a military leader for the Fallout game. I know this is a fairly iconic pose dor a fairly iconic character, Whilst he isn't in a jump suit it does not look that far off.  I just could not resist this one. I'll use the other one  in the for something proper I promise.Well maybe a zombie. The player who this model was done for believes in the power of the tash. I was tempted to raise the angle of the arm just a little but perhaps this would not gone down quite so well.


  1. Casualty figures are always handy things to have on the wargames table. I shall have to look at the NAC csualties, as I have just started painting an NAC army. Good post!

    1. The medics pack has an injured figure as well. Could use some more injured figures for tokens as well as the dead ones.