Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Background Project

I never manage to concentrate on much for long. For those moments when I get distracted or have too much paint on my brush I always like to have a background project on the go. This is something that I usually think would be a nice idea but don't really want to spend a significant amount of interest on. Maybe it's a figure, maybe it's dozens of them.
This is what the work bench looks like right now. With (at least) sixteen partly completed projects on the table you might ask why I need to have a background project? Why? Well I don't know. I have never been a completer finisher but getting projects up and running, that's my thang. I need a reason to finish stuff off not to mention my pathological hatred of basing figures.

So I dragged the project out whilst waiting for some ink to dry.
This is just a few of them. There are over thirty on the painting table at the moment. I can see them taking a while to finish off. Still very much a work in progress but hey it's progress.
The plan was to have a "state militia" or post apocalyptic force. I had in my mind to do something like a new world order game. I was going to get a force which could be used in force on force whatever they became. Whatever happens they end up as they will be useful for something in an RPG. Post apocalypse or zombie maybe?

Still a long way to go.......................


  1. Both settings would be cool!

    I know far too well this "too many projects" syndrom.


  2. I think perhaps I wave watched to many Alex Jones films to take the militia thing seriously. PA is always a giggle.