Friday, 7 September 2012

Painting Time Again

I have had the impulse to pick up a paint brush again which is one of the reasons I haven't posted much in the last weeks. To paint some actual figures.  I got some stuff from Rebel Minis last week and I think that was the impetus I needed. Funnily enough it wasn't their minis that I picked up first. I had started some Khurasan "Police or Security Guards." I like these minis and have some immediate use for them unlike the fifty or so zombies that arrived.

There are two sets of five miniatures that have been painted up. I have varnished them but then realised that I still need to ink the faces and of course the bases still need to be flocked.
Nice miniatures. They have a kind of cyberpunk look (Cyberpunk? Remember that? It's like Shadowrun without the stupidity and a bit more plausible) which I kind of like. Now that I look at them again I can also see a hint of Rebel Troopers from the opening scene of Star wars although that may be wish fulfilment on my part. I figured that they would do for starship crew who were repelling pirates for Traveller as well.

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