Friday, 21 September 2012

GZG Humanoid Robots

Robots. Who doesn't need more robots and Jon at GZG managed to produce some more. They fit in quite nicely with the not Traveller stuff from RAFM that I love so much. 
These big fellas would make nice opponents or intimidating allies. Nice time I have need of some robots for sale all I will need is a handful of Jawas.

These are female humanoid miniatures. Like a lot of manufacturers they had enhanced female qualities if you get my meaning. this almost put me off buying them. I guess the "sizing" says a lot about gamers? Anyone up for a flame war? The 25mm minis were much the same. I did some selective editing with a knife and now they look a little Kryten-esque.
The male robots looking like a smaller version of Gort. Nice minis with no enhanced characteristics.


  1. Chewks from Khurasan make nice almost-Jawas.

  2. I nearly got some for a low tech tomorrows war army. I then thought I could use them as a post apocalyptic race. I was thinking Khurasan do some monstrous cultists that would probably do the trick for Jawas too.