Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Zombie Horde Marches On (Again)

I hate Rebel Minis. They keep making stuff I want to paint. Zombies, you have to love zombies. I think it's now law in several southern states in America. The ever present fear of zombies is one of the main reasons the NRA is doing so well. I am told by a completely unreliable source. Mostly they a Rebel Minis but there is a GZG child mini in there somewhere.
There should be 28 of them and I can't figure out where the other one went when I was taking the picture. I need to greb them up a bit with some layer paints to make them look shabby and painted the bases gray to match the others. Having told someone recently that I wanted the Romero look I painted a few in a very pale flesh colour (from a twenty year old original GW paint pot. The last time I was in workshop I joked with one of the staff that I owned paint older than them. He had no sense of humour).
I got some rebel mini rioters. I wanted some guys with base ball bats but you can have too much of a good thing. I ended up with a few too many for what I wanted so I thought that I could use them as zombies. In 28mm there are a lot of medical themed zombies but I can't think of any in 15mm. I suppose the Khurasan Federal Scientists would do at a pinch. So I converted (took a craft knife to) one of the rioters. I cut the peak of the cap off and the belt off the back. Et voilà.

 Continuing the medical theme, This is a late patient in scrubs. No conversion. Like the ribs. Anyone fancy a zombie barbecue?
 Another rioter. A minor chop job on what was in one of the hands and a bit or arm bending. I could see this one as a hunter in a left for dead style game.
A chubby female zombie. She would certainly scare me. I look at this one and can't help but think about the women who died without a name who turned into a zombie. Sadly the picture isn't up to the look of the mini. She hasn't quite got the look of a bloater from left for dead but could do at a pinch.
Zombie hooker anyone? They eyes on this one look really wild. I could see her as the poster child of the apocalypse,
Another rioter. I have played dead rising endlessly and I recall some C.U.R.E. protesters with placards. I tried to write on the placard but think I will leave it until I have sprayed them with varnish.


  1. These look absolutetly great! Well done.

  2. Cheers guys. I might just get round to putting a game on.