Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bad Guys + A Happy New Year

Well despite he odd bit of urgent action last night, the New Year arrived as expected. Happy new year to you all. Hope you had fun and your hangovers are now forgotten. No Mayan's to ruin it this year. This post is a bit of a cheat as I finished these a few days ago and have just  got round to posting the pictures of them.
I am always looking for bad guys for games. It's one thing giving the players a choice of characters, it's another giving them a range of bad guys to fight. I seem to be doing a lot of antagonists at the moment. I wanted a villain and the Mordred character miniature from West Wind fitted the picture nicely. I doubt the character I use will be called Mordred but I am pretty sure he will have most of the same characteristics. I have a female magic user that I plan to use as Morgan le Fey esque character from Mirliton which I have also been working on along with a necromancer type from West Wind.
In my head, I see the character from the Merlin mini series rather than the more recent Merlin series. I guess I would be happy if the players felt that I had built up something like the mini series.
I am not a big fan of painting figures in black but what other colour can you paint a bad guy who has everything else. I haven't been too confident painting a lot of black on a mini but these haven't turned out to bad. After painting some GW ringwraiths, I kind of got some confidence to do something a bit more intense.
When I started painting the Mordred figure, he came with a few others that I thought would fit in nicely and one from another pack that also seem to fit the plan. So some more got painted black just to fit in well. Every bad guy needs henchmen after all. For some reason a mash up between the Talon Company from Fallout and various characters in Skyrim also came to mind. I'm not sure where a Private Military Company would fit into the ninth centuary but it's high fantasy after all.  I then started thinking that they might do for something like the Night's Watch. Sometimes good guys wear black. I might just have to paint some more.
I am hoping to do a bit more work in Janaury so there should be a few more posts coming soon.


  1. Happy New Year Fred and a lovely start to 2015.

  2. Great kick off to the year dude! Happy New Year too!