Saturday, 10 January 2015


I am on a roll again. Well no, not really. I finished this off last year and I am just now getting round to posting the picture. I got these last year, so not the oldest figures I have but at least it goes to show I am painting what I buy. I say that and try not to think about the boxful if dark age lead I have floating about.

I got these last year when Heresy were having a sale. I am getting better at not doing the "shiny" I must buy it thing. Age brings patience I guess. There were a few minis that I wanted from them so I took advantage of the sale.There is another one somewhere but I couldn't find it when I got round to basing it so I suspect that it will get painted  up as something else.


  1. I do like Hersey stuff and these are no exception, great job Fred.