Thursday, 8 January 2015

Space 1889

I guess I am getting carried away with the new year. It's given me the urge to do something on my blog. I hope to at least achieve as much this year as I did last year. Maybe I'll even break to 200k barrier. I am not going to get very far if I don't actually post something.

So, I was at the gaming club I go to on a Monday night this week. New Year, New Season, etc. So I have started playing Space 1889 again. I have always liked the background and I guess I am getting into Victorian Science Fiction again. 

The game is set on Mars and this time we had a wedding ceremony to go to. Nobody happened to mention that the ceremony involves the groom and eight of his chums battling through a maze filled with monsters to prove that the groom, who seemed a little on the fragile side, was worthy enough to marry a Martian princess.
It started with a dead end. I don't think the figures were meant to be wolves but some Martian equivalent. As well as being quite handy, they were also infected with foaming dog fever (it may have actually been something else but foaming dog fever was about the size of it).
My character is quite gun focused. He is an older chap and whilst he is okay at fighting, shooting is what he does best. when we entered the arena, our guns were taken off us. So I was a little aggrieved that not only did the bad guys in the next encounter have guns but that I didn't get one. Not that martian muskets are much good.
The next thing we found was I think the wirst of the lot. Apparently it was actually a tamed down version of what it is in the book. It somehow has a phase shiftt thing around it making it difficult to see. One of the other players had gone in the wrong direction when the fighting started. When we had killed all the guys with guns, I ran to help him out. That's my character in the background.
We did eventually manage to kill it. I was fascinated by the model and kept thinking I want some of these.
The last battle was the hardest. I actually had more fun in some of the other battles but I guess this was the hardest. Three big beasties and a bigger, faster beastie as well. The bigger beastie was very fast and equally unpleasant.
Big Beastie
A fun evening out. I just have my eye on buying some new toys.

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