Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Well They Were Cheap

So it's New year's Eve. I don't imagine I will be doing too much drinking but a nice meal and some time spent in front of the TV will be fine with me.

I am not GWs biggest fan but at the same time, sometimes they do some nice figures. The nicest figures they d at the moment are for the Hobbit/LOTR. I got these on eBay relatively cheaply. They are repaints which means that they were never going to end up looking perfect.  I've looked at them online at the GW store and nearly choked when I saw how much they cost to buy new. On the down side, one does have a rather bendy sword.
I am not a big fan of painting figures in black. It is never much fun. I think I did okay with these. Not my best work but not too bad. They are not quite the true Viking Dark Age vibe but they are close enough to do what I need them to do.

I was tempted to paint one up as a more traditional ghost as I don't really have anything I could use as  ghost but I have a few wraith like figures already. I will have to figure a way to make them translate into Savage Worlds.


  1. Always difficult to pick up a bargain, especially when they look this good! Happy New Year Fred.

  2. Nice job dude! I have the same problem with GW.