Saturday, 28 January 2017

X-Com And All That

I am now getting towards the mopping up process for the X-Com forces, the first batch at least. There are a number of figures which I can safely say are actually done, as afar as painting goes. It is now down to just detailing. One more evening should see them all done.

As usual, I have made the same mistake. Whenever I end up pouring too much paint on the wet palette I find another figure to put them on. So now I have started a few more figures that don't really fit with the plan. Alongside that I have spent a bit of time and paint that would otherwise be wasted on the Blood Bowl orcs. I have a feeling that these are about to become the new background project.

I have now got to look for the next project. Although I have been feeling the call to paint, it hasn't been a productive week for me. There must be something that will keep the fire burning. I am thinking that I am going to stick with X-Com. This requires some scratch building. That said, I am hearing a call for Titansgrave and the Viking game.

My day has been a bit of a struggle. I am looking at making a few big changes, none of which are especially appealing and talking about them took u a chunk of the morning. This has been followed up by an afternoon of clothes shopping for the family followed by a trip to the vets and a pharmacy. A bit of a soul crusher really. By comparison, tomorrow should be better as the only thing on the horizon is a visit from the in-laws.

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