Friday, 6 January 2017

X-Com Again

After I sent a lot of time farting around the other day I did eventually get some time to do some work on my figures today. Although I had intended to prime the Blood Bowl Orcs after I had green stuffed the gaps I was going to base coat the orcs but it seems that the only times it hasn't been raining today is when I have other stuff to do. Then when it did stop raining I thought that maybe I hadn't left the putty to dry for long enough. Even though it is only a thin layer I was thinking I should probably leave it overnight.
X-Com wounded, zombies and a sniper
It wasn't that much time but at least it was something and the X-Com project was part of my Plan for 2017. It seemed that I managed to glue on a few heads and pieces of equipment and do a little bit of painting after that. Small steps but steps forward. They have become what I call my background project. The job I turn to when I can't work on something else. When the glue or ink is drying mainly but sometimes I pick them up when the muse strikes me This happens often enough for me to give it a name. At some point I am going to have to crack on with them to get them finally done.

I am still thinking this cold be an RPG project that I could get of the ground this year. It's down to the figures. I tend to plan things in terms of trays of figure (about 36 standard sized figures) The good guys are on the table. The bad guys are going to be the next project. I can see some more bad guys and civilians after that but I guess I could do those as the game starts.

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