Sunday, 8 January 2017

X-Com Pilots

There has been some more work in progress of the X-Com game during down time on the Blood Bowl Gouged Eye orcs (primer takes a long time to dry thoroughly). Giving how long I have dragged out this project now I wanted a bit of a win and I figured the easiest way was to finish the two pilots. If nothing else it would free up some space on the work bench. In the game I wanted two of them, one for the interceptor and another for the skyranger.
I wanted to give the pilots a slightly different aesthetic to the soldiers to make it obvious that they are not soldiers and to give them some personality of their own. Unlike the others, these figures don't really need to follow the national aesthetics that I have used on the soldiers. There are two here and I might do another one. The head gear is probably the most different, It's still a Cadian head but it's a comms helmet with a visor made out of green stuff. I was hoping for something that looked a little like the flight helmets in Star Wars. I've also played around with (taken a knife to) the gaiters to make them look boots to give them more variants on the standard uniform.

Instead of camo, they are in solid dark green flight suits. A little like what contemporary pilots wear. I probably should have gone for something like a more olive drab than this. That said, this gives the flight crew a more particular look and it gave me an idea for the base for DPM camo that I have done on one of the British team members.

It has thrown up a small problem in that all the gubbins on the shoulder is where I was going to place the flag. Maybe this is an opportunity instead. Still a litlle bit of work to do but they are a lot closer to being done.

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