Saturday, 7 January 2017

Grey Orcs

Well the orcs are now primed and I have had time to do a bit of work on them. Twenty of them. Way too many. This is proving to be hard work. There is a lot of them, they are big miniatures and the plan is to put in a lot of detail. Even the priming was hard. I often don't prime miniatures conventionally. I use a base coat of the primary colour and by the time I have gone over it several times, there is enough paint. Coupled with the spray on varnish it makes the figures pretty tough. So I decided to paint up six this time (one of each pose) and then two block of eight.
The trouble with the orcs is that they are just too green. It's even the wrong shade of green for the flesh. So I have spray undercoated them grey. I didn't want to use black or white for the main coverage, too light and too dark. I was going to give them a very light spray of white from above to help with shading later on but found out that I had run out of white spray paint. I have decided to paint a bit of white on the top as well. I will daub a bit of black into the deepest recesses to see if this helps as well. This is a first for me, it is something I have seen online and I thought I would give it a try.

Even using a rattle can was a pain to get decent coverage on the figure because of the way figures and some dryads as well. Not the current project but something I am thinking about doing in the near future.

I usually aim to do a post a day at least one month a year. The flow is with me at the moment so I am hoping that I can keep this going. With a bit of luck I can keep it

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