Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Almost There With The First Batch Of Gouged Eye (With The First Coat)

I remember the first load of Citadel miniatures I got many, many years ago. By modern standards they are tiny. They were more like 25mm than 28mm and far less "heroic". I had a troll amongst them. It looks scrawny next to the Blood Bowl orcs. I want to play a game using the orcs against the human so that I can keep saying just so I can say "puny human". I am not say that they are on the scale of the hulk but they would do as big bulging bad guys for a superhero game.
This is going to be a time consuming project and it has taken a good long time already. If all goes to plan, I am hoping to finish them (and I mean actually finished meaning based and varnished) by the end of January. I decided to do the black orc in a darker green (the old orc hide paint). There will be a few details I need to finish off and a little bit of needed touching up but I am hoping to have everything inks and some highlights done tomorrow. The red is a base so will get a lot lighter when it's done (it's a bit too Washington Redskins at the moment). I will probably try to differentiate the armour and the metal a bit more by using a glaze on the painted armour and some gloss varnish on top to the steel armour after I have sprayed the who;e thing with matt varnish. I am probably going to paint the pants on all the others in a different colour too.
With a bit of luck I will find some time to work on the X-Com stuff as well and I would like to have the soldiers at least, finished by the end of the month too.. Then I might look at another quick project. I have some plastic Frostgrave stuff for something for Titansgrave. There are some more X-Com stuff for the good guys to do, casualties and zombies, maybe even a few other soldiers. Then move on to the human Blood Bowl team. By the time that is done I will have to make a choice about buying the skaven or the orcs. It's not about the money but about the space.

I usually get a burst of energy in the new year but even I can't seem me spending the year painting nothing but Blood Bowl figures. I had a look back at my 2017 plan.