Friday, 13 January 2017

Tidied Up?

Other than tidying up the bench about three times, I spent a fair amount of time painting. I don't seem to have gotten very far. This might be the multiple coats of paint for  light colored pants. This worried me for a bit as I thought they were going to end up look more like the Washington Redskins than the Gouged Eye. Even though the trousers aren't quite perfect yet, I think I will see how it looks after washing and highlighting with the hope that this process will bring them around. I am hoping that I should have all of the team (the ones on the table at least) done by the end of the weekend with all of the main colours blocked out by the end of the day. That said, I have a few things going on today that might get in the way.
There is one little detail I have decided to add. There is an old tradition in Blood Bowl about colour coding bases. I think this dates back to second edition when the game was released with identical figures for all positions with only rings around the bases to differentiate between them. I know some players still follow this. With my memory it couldn't be anything other than useful. I am not normally into aesthetics but I don't really want brightly coloured bases. Then I noticed what I think would be the loops on the back of the shoes. I had eventually planned to paint most of the boots with a black or dark grey loop and maybe paint the odd pair orange or lime green. I have decided that instead of the black for all I am colour to paint the loops at the back of the show that appropriate colour.
The last picture is of paint. Not even paint drying. Thrilling, right. I just thought it would be a good way of reminding me what colours I used just in case I wander off and do something else rather than finish the last seven figures off.
I am not sure that this has been the most interesting sequence of posts I have ever done. It is true that I am just doing this for the sake of having something to post. It makes me feel a bit better that I am not yet half way through January and I have manged to post nearly as many times as I did in the whole of 2015.

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