Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Think This Is Going To Be A Blood Bowl Kind Of Year

Mighty Zug?
I was going to start of the year painting some Blood Bowl figures. Not just a Golden Orc. It was part of the plan and it's a good plan. The trouble is that I wanted to get some extra figures first so they could all get the same paint job. I have been shopping around on eBay and the figures seem to be going for silly money. I am planning on buying another six per team and them maybe selling the extra sprue off on eBay although maybe I should hold on to them and the price will go up.

Griff Oberwald?
With such a limited initial release there have been no special characters (like Griff Obberwald or The Mighty Zug) which I would want to paint up. So no one to paint up alongside the teams when I do it. So again, I am putting myself off starting the job. That said it looks a lot like the figures are on the way.

There seems to be a fair amount of scalping going on eBay of Blood Bowl kit. Despite GW prices being expensive already. People are expecting some silly prices for stuff already sometimes five and six times the original price. Given that you need way more figures than are in a single box (obviously 8 figures per sprue would cover most of the bases) I am expecting to get more boxes. Maybe the scalpers have the right idea.

New Dwarf Team?
The dwarf team is about to come out alongside with some of the special characters for other teams and a separate boxed human team. This will help me out as I won't have to pay the scalpers prices to get the extra figures. There is even a death roller in the background. It looks really, really expensive.

I can see a spend of well over a hundred already. For a game I rarely play but I love dearly. I have some money from Christmas that I was going to spend on boardgames. This might well change.

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