Tuesday, 31 January 2017


This has been another busy day. They are all busy days at the moment. It's not over yet and I need to pay some tax before the end of the day and do some other paperwork. This is going to take up what head space I have left. I have a bug developing so I am not feeling great either. Grumpy does not sum it up. I will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning. I then have a few busy days ahead after this. I am feeling that I am looking for my own place within my own home. Everybody seems to have somewhere to sit except me. For example...

That said. I have managed to get some decals on the X-Com figures and a little bit of touching up. The decals are a bit of a mixed bunch. Some are 28mm Parachute Regiment decals by Warlord. Some are 15mm Flames of War decals. At this scale, they are difficult enough to make out to make them usable as near future unit insignia. In the game I have planned, units are truly international which is why they are also in different uniforms.

I have prepped some scenery suitable for the X-Com for painting. That is looking like the next project. Not a big project. Sunday is a game show in York. I am expecting to go and see what is happening. Hopefully come back with a load of new stuff to play with. I hear the Blood Bowl dwarves are on pre-order. I am hoping to get some "The Silence" figures from Warlord. These should do the Thin Men for the X-Com games. If I can find some suitable head swaps, that would be great. Maybe a few more bits too. I hate going to shows with no clear shopping agenda. It tends to end in a free for all. I have been sniffing around stuff for "The Walking Dead". Maybe I can find some stuff that will help me with the Titansgrave game. I might have a look at some of the Rogue Stars stuff which will hopefully fit in with Titansgrave. Scenery for that and X-Com might also be there but I am not sure what I will find. Anyone selling reaper bones is likely to get a look in as will Midlam.

I have managed to get through a whole month of posting on the blog every day. I am hoping to go though at least all of February doing the same. Starting the year off right. I am feeling inspired enough to try making this a daily part of my life for a bit but I wan't put my money where my mouth is just yet. I have also gone through a lot of hits in the last couple of months, not all from Russia (but  a fair few) and some from oddplaces (I got a few from an American pre-school teachers blog for instance). So hooray for me and the blog and you.

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