Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Moving "Swiftly" On

Well it's been a busy week gaming, well for me at least.  Having played some Traveller on Monday my gaming juices have been going all week. Trouble is my other half picked up a chest infection and this means that I have been coughing  all week too. It's been so bad I have lost two nights sleep. I  could have modeled for some zombie miniatures around Friday and no one would have known I was alive.

I was involved in a 15mm fantasy wargame the other day. I had a lot of fun but didn't seem to do any appreciable damage to the enemy. For once I wasn't on the losing side although I think it was a no score draw (well there were a few casualties but nothing significant). For some reason (it was one of those you had to be there moments I'm told) they use Tercio as the rules. They a a set of renaissance rules by tabletop games I think. Not sure why these rules but they seem to work. I think there are other sets of rules that could be used to accomplish the same sort of outcomes much quicker but the guys at the club seem to like them and I don't want to upset the apple cart too much. I know old school is popular right now. Retro might be hip but maths isn't and there is a lot of maths in this.

I have the urge to do some more buildings. I am running a scifi game in a few months and want to do some stuff for that but couldn't quite run up enough enthusiasm for it today. I did do some more work on the cowboys which are now more or less done. I need to put some pupils on the eyes and varnish them and they are done (well further progress will be abandoned).

I am having problems with Blogger or my PC. Not sure which but I am habing problems posting pictures.(Cured this now, obviously). They are there, they just don't seem to be showing up.

I kept picking stuff up and putting it back down again. I have really forgotten how involved 28mm figures are. I tend to be quite basic and they still seem take an eternity to get them done. I don't much like the absence of variety either. I need some vac suited figures for my up coming game. There are few manufacturers in 28mm and to get what I want will cost about £70. In 15mm there still is a massive number of manufacturers but there are at least 25 different poses in several different styles. I might get a few more before the game (as of I need an excuse)

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