Tuesday, 30 April 2013

1st Anniversary

I just realised that it was the blogs first anniversary a few days ago. So just thoght I would say thanks for reading. I am happy that I have kept this going. Often things just seem to melt away into the background in time. So, all in all, I am almost proud of myself. Even if I haven't done much painting lately I still want to keep this up so I am almost looking for things to do. I have a few games lined up and Triples is just around the corner and I think that is going to be a busy weekend for gaming.

One thing I am not proud of is the state of my workbench.


  1. Congratulations Fred- keep it going!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Lead Reckoning. When's the party? ;-)

  3. Cheers for the support. Nice to know people care. And the party is still going on. Still some jelly left too.