Thursday, 25 April 2013

Slow Time

It's been a slow month on the gaming front as April has been really busy month for other reasons. I did some 6mm Napoleonics. This was a lot if fun. It looked like the French (my side) were about to get drubbed. The game we were playing requires you to write orders in advance so decided we should pull back. The turn the orders were written, we became suddenly successful. After a major success (which gave us a real opening and put us in charge range of some pretty poor soldiers that we should have routed) we pulled back. Ho hum.

The last RPG game I was in reached a climax and I missed it due to problems at home. I've now signed up for a Traveller game. It's the first time I've played a Mongoose Traveller game and I quite like it. I was thinking I could get some figures out and get some pictures. The referee doesn't use figures so that was a bit of a downer. The game is quite good though and I am enjoying it. It's nice to play a game in someone else's take on Traveller.

I haven't done much painting. I have spent an afternoon doing some 28mm stuff last weekend. I forget how long it takes to paint them. In the time I have spent on ten 28mm figures I could have painted fifty or more 15mm figures, I almost feel discouraged. I usually paint 15mm figures in batches of 20-30. If it's a really simple paint job (like the GZG Phalons) I can do thirty in an afternoon. I've spent twenty hours on some wild west figures and not only have I not finished them but my mind keeps wandering off. Most of the figures are pretty good but there is the odd one that has a face that looks like I made from plasticine when I was seven. Some of them are lovely though.

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